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Palatinate of Lozeri
Ruling council
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 20

Lozeri is one of the three counties of Ustalav known as the Palatinates.12


Lozeri is the largest of the three Palatine counties and sits between the other two: Vieland to the north-east and Canterwall to the south. The county's capital Courtaud, lies on the border with Vieland in the west of the county. In the far west of the county lie the Tusk Mountains acting as the border between Ustalav and the orc-infested Hold of Belkzen. If that border were not dangerous enough, to the north-east, over the Moutray River, lies the demon-blasted Worldwound. The Vhatsuntide River provides Lozeri's eastern border with the Soivoda counties of Odranto and Ardeal. The vast majority of the county is dominated by the Shudderwood.13


Lozeri was the first county to adopt the title of Palatinate when, in 4670 AR, its people threw off the rule of their hereditary noble family in a relatively non-violent coup. The ruler of all Ustalav at that time, Prince Valislav Ordranti, was disinterested by this political manoeuvre and quickly recognized the new arrangement in Lozeri. Shortly thereafter, the two counties of Vieland and Tamrivena followed suit, the latter county re-established itself and changed its name to Canterwall. These three counties collectively became known as the Palatinates.12


Today, Lozeri is ruled by a group of well-off but not aristocratic citizens who indulge the whims of the county's social elite. Their preferred entertainment seems to be elaborate hunts, ranging from staged hunts of local fauna to hunts where exotic, and often dangerous, imported beasts are released and then hunted across the land.12

For the normal inhabitants of Lozeri little changed with the change of government and many complain that at least the deposed Count Beauturne kept the woodlands safe while the new Palatine Council of Lozeri in Courtaud seems intent on releasing dangerous beasts into them.12


To further scare the population, on top of wild beasts being deliberately let loose into the county's woodlands by the ruling Council, in recent years rumours have begun circulating about the Devil in Gray, a foul beast that is also apparently stalking the woods.2 Such rumours are scotched by the Palatine Council, however.1


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