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Varno (assumed)
Source: Demons Revisited, pg(s). 45

The settlement of Rookhill can be found in the Ustalavic county of Varno.1


Rookhill was the place where the powerful demon called Shaorhaz first came to the Material Plane. When he arrived, he was only a nabasu, as he had not grown enough then to become the vrolikai he is today. During his first days, he fed easily with little opposition from the locals. Eventually, druids arrived to aid the village and made it more and more difficult for Shaorhaz to feed; the druids even made the landscape itself act against the demon. Shaorhaz would not move away due to his stubbornness and the druids became more and more capable of foiling the nabasu until their arboreal regent ally nearly killed Shaorhaz. In a fit of pique, Shaorhaz attacked the druid's leader who sacrificed himself to weaken the nabasu by removing all his growth accumulated to that date. Finally, Shaorhaz now gave up and fled Ustalav. A lasting souvenir of these early Rookhill days is Shaorhaz's deep hatred of the druids and, especially, druids of the Green Faith. This hatred has led to Shaorhaz's utter destruction of the Forest of Stones, in what was once northern Sarkoris, and its transformation into the Stonewilds in what is today called the Worldwound.1


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