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Ghasterhall is an infamous library located in Virlych. It is also known as the Palace of Travesties.1 Although a place of retained knowledge, Ghasterhall displays horrific methods of storing information. Ghasts possessing oracular power stalk the blood-splattered halls and dead victims are nailed to the walls, used for necromantic experimentation.2

Ghasterhall has been described as an inverted tower-pit, serving as both prison and library. The demi-lich Geir acts as head researcher for the Whispering Tyrant, establishing himself as curator of the massive library, laboratory, and prison.3 Although a horde of undying scholars still possess tremendous accumulated knowledge, only Geir continues with his endless experimentation on esoteric matters. Ambition for dark knowledge has waned with the imprisonment of the Whispering Tyrant.3

For a time, Lucimar the Lich-Wolf sequestered himself in the prison-library.4 Today, Ghasterhall acts as a headquarters for the Whispering Way.5


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