Hungry Mountains

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The Hungry Mountains are one of the largest geographical features in all Ustalav and dominate the southern reaches of the country. The mountain range is so large it encompasses the entire county of Ulcazar and stretches into neighboring Amaans, Ardeal, Caliphas, Versex, and Virlych. The Hungry Mountains have a dark reputation, as its depths harbour several sites of foul repute. These including the Hundred Haunted Vales of the Hungry Mountains and the undead-haunted Ghorcha Pass.1

The Hungry Mountains are also home to the Rotten Tongue orc tribe. These orcs occupy a complex of caves and periodically raid Lastwall and Ustalav.2


The highest peaks stand in the county of Ulcazar. Although these mountains are barely inhabited, aside from the occasional hermit or hunter, the mysterious monks of the Monastery of the Veil live among the mountain peaks.3


The range's foothills stretch to Lantern Lake in this southern county's borders. North of the lake, the peak of Diremark is among the range's tallest. Illirigarde Manor, the home of noted occultist Rena Illirigarde is located within the foothills of this stretch of the Hungry Mountains.4


A land known for its jagged mountains and mist-filled valleys, the Hungry Mountains are usually avoided by the fearful inhabitants who tell scary stories of the eastern mountains.3


The Hungry Mountains are at their worst in the dark region of Virlych. Here, polluted rivers carve deep valleys throughout the range, while fell magics continue to writhe and pulse across the dead wastes. Game is scarce, but mutated creatures seem to thrive here. These lingering magics are the remnants of the Whispering Tyrant's grip on the land that continues centuries after his defeat. Unsurprisingly, the closer one travels to his prison of Gallowspire, the harsher these conditions become.5

In western Virlych lies the bladed cathedral of Renchurch, the spiritual heart of the Whispering Way. Perhaps even more disturbingly, the umbral dragon Sicnavier dwells within its lair in the mountains, plotting to conquer the entire region and beyond.6


Although not located in the nation of Lastwall, its warriors cross the mountains monthly to inspect the ruins at Gallowspire and ensure the Whispering Tyrant remains imprisoned.7 The Vaishau Ruin, site of a victory by then-mortal General Iomedae over the forces of Tar-Baphon in 3824 AR, occupies the main pass in the Hungry Mountains between Gallowspire and Vigil.8