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Saffron House

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The Saffron House is a crumbling mansion once owned by Cleid Thord located within the murky Sclerain Swamp in eastern Canterwall, one of the counties of Ustalav. There is something very wrong about this haunted and abandoned home: it is claustrophobic inside, the sheet-covered furniture is mouldy and there are noises from within the walls. Many of its room seem stunted or underformed, while others seem cripplingly small. Even stranger is a repulsive yellowing on every surface. Not many know of this house and fewer understand its blighted nature.1234


Saffron House is a place of madness and nightmares, filled with animate dreams, gremlins, hounds of Tindalos, juju zombies, shining children, and totenmaskes. All are overseen by the current master of Saffron House, a velstrac known as the Laughing Man.4

Explorations of the Saffron House

The Pathfinder Charlla Gracekin is currently, or has recently sought to explore the Saffron House.5


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