Ground of Lost Tears

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The Ground of Lost Tears is located in Odranto, one of the counties of Ustalav.123 It is the site of a brutal massacre that occurred during the Demonskin War when Kellids from Sarkoris were fleeing the demonic invasion that eventually led to the formation of the Worldwound. Princess Maraet Ordranti had ruled that all refugees from Sarkoris must be killed in case they brought a demonic taint with them and it was suspected that the Pharasmin nuns of Willowwind Priory were protecting such refugees within their walls. The nuns denied an Odranti border patrol access to their priory and so the troops set it alight and it burnt to the ground in an eerie silence. After the fire burnt out, no remnants of any survivors, nuns or Kellids, were found. However, since then, the sound of sobbing may be heard around the blackened stones of the priory giving rise to the area's current name. Even more eerily, is that once a year on the Day of Bones, Pharasma's holy festival on the 5th of Pharast, ghosts of the nuns appear out of a shadow in the ground and lead hundreds of Kellid barbarians in worship.4


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