Senir River

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The Senir River is some 110 miles long, and its progression through the nation of Ustalav is as follows:1

  • It rises in the eastern Hungry Mountains in the county of Versex;
  • It progresses to the point at which the three counties of Versex, Ardeal and Amaans meet: their tripoint
  • The river subsequently forms the border between the counties of Ardeal and Amaans;
  • Shortly thereafter, it is joined by the High Senir, one of its tributaries;
  • The Senir runs past the city of Kavapesta;
  • At the city of Ardis, the river meets the mighty Vhatsuntide River flowing down from Lake Kavapesta.

High Senir

The High Senir river is fifteen miles long from its source in the Hungry Mountains in Amaans to its meeting with the Senir River as a tributary.1