Castle Corvischior

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Castle Corvischior (once known as Korsinoria Palace) is a seemingly abandoned fortress near the village of Corvischior in the eastern Ustalavic province of Varno. Situated near Lake Korsinoria, it was once the county seat of Varno's ruling family, House Tiriac. The count is believed to have abandoned his home long ago to go gallivanting abroad, ignoring the needs of his people. In his absence, rumors of hauntings have begun to be told about his home: people see strange lights at night, or see gates open to admit unmarked carriages.12 The truth behind these rumors, is that the castle is still inhabited by a Tiriac: the enigmatic Counte Risotmaur. Unbeknownst to most of his citizens, he has lived there for over two centuries using a variety of guises, as he is, in fact, a vampire.3


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