House Beumhal

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House Beumhal is located in south-western Odranto, one of the counties of Ustalav.123


House Beumhal was the ancestral home of the Beumhal family until the time of Niclavos Beumhal. This last Beumhal owner ended the line with a dramatic night of murder: he killed his hunting dogs and horse, then set about murdering his family: his two sons and his sister. Finally, he committed suicide. After that night the place was considered cursed and lay empty for decades.4

Current Situation

Recently, Korinnia Avorbina bought the house and land and transformed it into an inn and hotel. The hotel is renowned for being haunted and Korinnia uses this fact as part of her marketing offering stays to those curious about ghosts and spirits. Nevertheless, most guests end up being startled by the bumps and bangs in the night. The hotel's upper floors are off limits for hotel guests as Niclavos Beumhal himself is deemed to haunt them as part of his own domain.4

It is wondered whether any remnants of the Beumhal family may now return to House Beumhal after its restoration and reopening.5


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