Garden of Lead

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The Garden of Lead, also known as the Pleasure Palace of the Dead, was a place the nobility of Ustalav used to come to relax amidst waterfall gardens and a fantastic menagerie of magical beasts. When the Whispering Tyrant took control of the country in the 33rd century AR, he sent his minion Dissayn there with a collection of nobles she had collected. Her skeletal drove its captors into the Garden and then filled the pools, canals, and walkways with molten lead, killing the noblemen and women instantly. The Garden of Lead is now a horrifically haunted place, even by the standards of Virlych, and lead statues of costumed nobles still remain to this day. Dissayn is also rumored to have retreated here after the defeat of the Whispering Tyrant in 3827 AR at the of the Shining Crusade. Other known inhabitants are adamantine golems, allips, fire elementals, magma oozes, mohrgs, salamanders, and skeletons.1

Now the Garden of Lead is a place of endless 'parties' among pools of molten metal, where tortured ghosts of costumed revelers and undead servants provide grotesque entertainment for their dread mistress.2


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