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Carrion Hill

Small city
82% human, 5% halfling, 4% half-orc, 4% gnome, 3% dwarf, 2% other
Source: Carrion Hill, pg(s). 30
This is an article on the city of Carrion Hill. For information on the Pathfinder Module of the same name, see Carrion Hill (module).

The city of Carrion Hill in eastern Ustalav is a strange place, resting atop an unnatural and unsettling mound. Why people choose to live here is unclear, but for some reason they always have.12 Varisians first settled Carrion Hill in 2397 AR; prior to this, Carrion Hill was a holy site for the local Kellid tribes.3


Carrion Hill is located in the county of Versex in the Soivoda region of eastern Ustalav.1 The city rises over the swampy southern banks of Kingfisher River. It is the only solid ground in the swampland known as the Wrythe for a distance of nearly 20 miles to east or west.4

The city is split into three districts. The Crown atop the hill, the Tangle on the hill's slopes, and the Filth along the southern bank of the Kingfisher River. The Crown is the home of Carrion Hill's nobility and most of the government and public buildings. The cobbled streets are broad and bleached white. The buildings are large and made of stone and timber. The Tangle is the most crowded part of the city. It is a thick tangle of buildings and maze-like alleyways where most of the shops and residences can be found. The Filth is the lowest part of the city, a series of natural or artificial islands, where the poor and desperate dwell. The Filth is also home to the vital but dirty industries like tanners, gong farmers, street cleaners, the fisheries, and the dirty middenstone vats.4

When the river fog rolls in every morning and evening, those dwelling on the Crown district atop the high hill can look out on white vastness while those below at least feel solid ground beneath their feet unlikely to wash away after one of the area's frequent rainstorms or river floods.4


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