Vhatsuntide River

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The Vhatsuntide River is one of the largest rivers in Ustalav.12


The river begins its long course in lonely Ulcazar amongst the forlorn peaks of the Hungry Mountains in Lake Kavapesta, flowing out north-west from that lake into Amaans county.23

Amaans / Ardeal border

From there it winds its way down into the heartland of Ustalav entering next the county of Ardeal, where it forms the border between that county and the county of Amaans after its confluence with the Senir River. While flowing through Ardeal, the banks of the Vhatsuntide are littered with the huge, glamorous estates of the social elite of Ustalav, now fallen into ruin as they were abandoned when the capital was moved to distant Caliphas. The river soon reaches the former capital of Ardis once the home of art and culture in Ustalav, though this is now just a distant memory.24

Ardeal / Canterwall border

Past Ardis, the river joins the Orphield River where the Vhatsuntide becomes the border between Ardeal and Canterwall county. Through most of this period of its flow, the river has the Sclerain Swamp on its western shore.2

Ardeal / Lozeri border

The river is joined by the Vistear River at Chastel and, from that point downstream, the river now becomes the border between Ardeal and the county of Lozeri.2

Lozeri / Odranto border

At the point where the Vhatsuntide is joined by the River of Scales, it finally leaves Ardeal and becomes the border between the counties of Lozeri and Odranto. By this point the river is flowing due north and has the Foxwall forest on its eastern shore. The Foxwall forest peters out north of the confluence with the Brookwall river. Finally, at Ardagh, the Vhatsuntide River flows into the mighty Moutray River.2


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