Vistear River

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The Vistear River flows east from its source: Lake Lias, in the county of Canterwall in Ustalav. After some twenty miles, the Vistear is joined from the south by its first main tributary, the Redwool River, and a further ten miles on, it is joined from the north by the Lamand River. From this confluence with the Lamand on, the Vistear forms the border between Canterwall and its neighbouring county of Lozeri. The river then passes the settlement of Bladswell on its southern bank and, subsequently, dives into a forested stretch with the mighty Shudderwood on its northern banks and the Eshirwood to the south. Leaving the forests, the river veers into a north-easterly flow, skirting the Sclerain Swamp to its south, and then joins the long Vhatsuntide River at the Lozeri 'city' of Chastel. From Lake Lias to Chastel the river is some ninety miles long.1 The people of Canterwall consider their county to be blessed by the fertile waters of the Vistear.2


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