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Large town
2,298 humans, 68 halflings, 19 other
Source: Broken Moon, pg(s). 83

Chastel is the largest town in the Ustalavic county of Lozeri, lying on that county's southern border. The town is located close to the southern edge of the Shudderwood just north of the meeting point of the Vhatsuntide River with its tributary, the Vistear River.123 Chastel has the air of a frontier settlement despite its size, possibly due to the roughness exhibited by the locals. The town, though, does have a large market, lumber mills, and stockyards4 but lacks any protective walls, and as such, it is often the target of predators, the most notorious being the Rats of Karneik.5 In 4701 AR, Chastel was invaded by the murderous winter wolf known as the Devil in Gray; in a single night, he killed nearly twenty people before disappearing back into the wilds of Lozeri.6


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