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The Palatinates is the collective term for the three counties of north-eastern Ustalav which deposed their hereditary ruling families in 4674 AR and replaced them with citizens' councils: Palatine Councils. These are Canterwall, Lozeri, and Vieland. The other counties of Ustalav continue under noble rule, and are known collectively as the Soivoda.123 The adjective describing the Palatinates is Palatine.


The first of these counties to overthrow autocratic rule was Lozeri, in 4670 AR, in a relatively non-violent coup. The ruler of all Ustalav at that time, Prince Valislav Ordranti, was disinterested by this political manoeuvre and quickly recognized the new arrangement in Lozeri. Shortly thereafter, the two counties of Vieland and Tamrivena followed suit, the latter county re-established itself and changed its name to Canterwall. These three counties became known as the Palatinates.12

Current situation

Nowadays, the Palatinates are known for innovative ideals and scientific advances. Although some view them as a danger to society due to their methods, academics, alchemists, and other highly educated individuals are making fast progress in the fields of science. Recently, black market imports from Numeria have allowed significant breakthroughs in clockwork automation, electricity, steam power, and many other fields.4


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