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Lake Encarthan is one of the largest bodies of water in Avistan and was once one of its most highly traveled as well. This changed somewhat when Tar-Baphon escaped from his prison of Gallowspire in 4719 AR and relocated to the Isle of Terror in the middle of Lake Encarthan.123 The nations of Druma, the Gravelands, Kyonin, Molthune, Nirmathas, Razmiran, and Ustalav all share the lake's coastline, and the port cities of Caliphas, Kerse, Tamran, and Thronestep each serve as their nation's capital, no doubt bolstered both economically and militarily by their strategic locations on Encarthan's banks.4


Trade was once of paramount importance on Lake Encarthan, but has been significantly scaled back since Tar-Baphon relocated to the Isle of Terror. Since then, much of the trade has relocated to the Sellen River, which handles most of the trade between northern and southern Avistan.2 Even so, Lake Encarthan remains a very busy waterway for trade even if the Whispering Tyrant's attacks have forced both merchants and pirates to stay close to shore.5


The lake is inhabited by numerous creatures, including merrows, scrags,6 and ulat-kinis. The latter are known to make items out of fishgold, the unique red gold found in its depths.7

Military presence

The strongest military force on the lake is probably the navy of Molthune, based in Eranmas and primarily concerned with blockading Tamran, the capital of its rival, Nirmathas. However, other Encarthan powers view the navy with suspicion and the Molthuni leaders are keen to deploy their naval force solely against Nirmathas to help allay these fears.8910

Places of interest

At the lake's center stands the mysterious Isle of Terror where Aroden mortally wounded the wizard-king Tar-Baphon in 896 AR,11 and where he retreated to after destroying the nation of Lastwall and losing his attack on Absalom in 4719 AR.1213 Strange energy storms constantly surround the Isle, and the flying and swimming undead monstrosities that once were limited to the waterways around the island now range everywhere.14


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