Lamand River

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The Lamand River is found in northwestern Ustalav and has two main tributaries: the North Lamand and the South Lamand.1 The Lamand is the lifeblood of Tamrivena, the county seat of Canterwall, as it is used for trade and transport.2

The North Lamand

The North Lamand rises in the Tusk Mountains and flows east for about 35 miles. For its entire length, it forms the border between the two Ustalavic counties of Canterwall and Lozeri. To the east of Tamrivena, the North Lamand meets its other half, the South Lamand, and forms the Lamand River proper.1

The South Lamand

The South Lamand also rises in the Tusk Mountains and flows east through Canterwall before turning into a north-easterly flow. It runs past the south of Tamrivena, and, to the east of that city, combines with the North Lamand to form the Lamand River. The South Lamand is about 35 miles long.1

The Lamand River

After the confluence of the North and South Lamand, the Lamand River turns south-east and continues as the border between Canterwall and Lozeri, with the Maidensnarl forest on its southern bank. Finally, about 45 miles from Tamrivena, it flows into the Vistear River, which then takes on the role of marking the border between the two counties.1


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