Orphield River

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The Orphield River rises in the north-western peaks of the Hungry Mountains in the county of Virlych, in south-eastern Ustalav, very close to the terror-inducing Gallowspire in the ruins of Adorak. It runs in an easterly direction for over fifty miles to the border of Virlych with its neighbouring county of Canterwall. The river then runs through Canterwall for over ten miles to its confluence with its tributary, the Barrow Run, which has also descended from the Hungry Mountains of Virlych. During its progression through Canterwall, the river passes the settlement of Marian Leigh. Where it meets the Barrow Run, the Orphield veers to a north-easterly flow and begins to act as the border between the two counties of Canterwall and Amaans. It maintains its border role for some forty miles, often with the Eshirwood on its north-western bank, before it reaches its confluence with the Vhatsuntide River to the west of the city of Ardis. In total, the river is over 110 miles long.12


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