Chapel of Guilts

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Chapel of Guilts

Promoting the Pharasmin Penitence
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 14

The Ustalavic county of Barstoi boasts three Pharasmin monasteries: the Chapel of Guilts; the Mother of Skulls; and the Vault of Tears. The Chapel of Guilts lies in the north-west of the county near to the source of the Delgavia River and is by far the most well known and feared.1


The monastery does not have the conventional look of such a place, rather it resembles a fortress and has a salt mine annexed to it, such that parts of the monastery, such as catacombs, are carved out of the salt.

The monks of the monastery follow a particularly severe form of the extreme Pharasmin Penitence and are especially interested in evangelism, flagellation and inquisition. The monks take these devotions outside the monastery as missionaries and as witch-hunters.2


  • The monastery is led by Abbot Phavad Nholinarm who is responsible for the severity of the application of the Pharasmin Penitence.2
  • The oldest member of the Chapel of Guilts is Witchfinder Judge Erdin Coim who refuses to retire from his duties as priest, witchfinder, judge, and inquisitor for the faith.3


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