Lake Kavapesta

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The largest lake in all Amaans, Lake Kavapesta is the civilised heart of Amaans with most of the county's inhabitants living in the habitable land surrounding the lake. Amaans' only major settlement also sits on the banks of Lake Kavapesta and is named for it: the city of Kavapesta. The reason Lake Kavapesta is so important to Amaans is that much of the rest of the county is made up of the rocky valleys and foothills of the Hungry Mountains and as such is a very hard place to scrape a living.1 The lake is the source of the Vhatsuntide River, which flows north-west from the lake's northern edge.2

Located on the lake's western shore is Willowmourn. This estate is home of the Galdana family, the ruling house of Amaans.3

The lake's original name was Lake Divirmis, but it was renamed in 3879 AR in honour of the prophet Mother Kavapesta.4


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