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County of Sinaria
Autocratic noble
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 24

Sinaria is the most north-easterly county of Ustalav with the twin horrors of the Worldwound, situated to its north, and Numeria, to its east, both on the far shores of Lake Prophyria.1 Sinaria is a county within the Soivoda region.2


Even ignoring the proximity of Sinaria to the Worldwound and Numeria, the county is, for the most part, an uninviting land filled with ancient, moss draped forests and cold, damp swamps. One of its swamps is home to the sadistic black dragon Seryzilian.3 The county is dominated by Lake Prophyria and around its southern shores is found the most fertile, habitable land where most of Sinaria's people make their living. These fertile fields surrounding the lake are filled with plantations which send their bounty to the county capital city of Karcau.42

Karcau, the Village of Voices

Karcau, the Village of Voices, is the shining light of Sinaria: a great city renowned for the Karcau Opera and its history as a city gifted with musical genius.42 Even its ruler is a renowned belle of the Karcau opera, the beautiful Countess Sasandra Livgrace.5

Karcau is built atop a huge underground lake and has, beneath its streets, a maze of underground channels and submerged tunnels.2


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