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A rift dragon fights in Elysium.
Titles The Promised Land, Realm of Heroes
Sphere Outer Sphere
Alignment Chaotic good
Denizens Azatas
Chaotic good outsiders
Chaotic good souls
Description A golden realm of untouched glades, majestic mountains, and eternal music
Images of Elysium

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 185

Elysium (pronounced ee-LIZ-ee-uhm)[1] is a plane of the Outer Sphere that represents the ultimate expression of wild freedom and compassion. It is home to the spirits of like-minded mortals and the wild and freedom loving azata, and is a place of uninhibited love, art, and expression.[2]


The plane of Elysium is a riot of untouched wilderness, ranging from wild forests to foam-peaked seas, to impossibly high mountains, interspersed with hard-to-reach green valleys. None of the normal trappings of civilization can be found here; the natives prefer to live in small groups and, very occasionally, gather for larger meetings. To outsiders, the untamed wilds can seem harsh and uninviting, but the initiated understand its true nature: Elysium is a place promoting selfless cooperation combined with self-sufficiency and the complete lack of external authority.[2]

Places of interest


Elysium is the domain of the azata, beings of good who spend most of their time traveling about as shimmering balls of light. The most common sub-races of these are the ghaele and bralani, who also take on elfin forms. Slightly less numerous are the artistic lillends, also known as the bards of Elysium. Hidden among the highest mountaintops, or even in the clouds themselves, live the titans. Although not native to this plane, they have lived there in exile for eons, and have an ancient understanding with the plane's native celestials.[2][3] The whimsical, insect-winged havoc dragons also inhabit Elysium, using their powers to create havens of rest and joyous abandon.[4][5]

Resident deities

Among the gods, those who value freedom above all else call Elysium their home, such as the goddess of rebellion Milani. While Desna does have a home in Elysium, her true domain is on the North Star, Cynosure. Many azata follow the Song of Spheres due to her profile of dreams and freedom. The mighty Gorum also makes his home in this realm of chaos. The gods of the Elven Pantheon, including the cunning Calistria, dwell within the extensive palaces of Elarain. Cayden Cailean and his servants, such as the cayhounds, are happy to call Elysium their home. The Fields of Battle are where azata and the servants of the Accidental God engage in good-natured combat and training.[6] Following the events of the Fifth Crusade, Lady Nocticula, the Mother of Succubi, renounced her status as a demon lord and succeeded in ascending to Elysium, taking the title "The Redeemer Queen" and creating a new home in the realm, the Midnight's Palette.[7]


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