Terwa Uplands

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Mbe'ke dwarves encounter cloud dragons in the Terwa Uplands.

The Terwa Uplands is a mountainous forested peninsula of Garund, split between the Shackles mainland in the west and the Mwangi Expanse to the east. From here the Terwa River has its source.1


The Uplands, located west of the Mugumo Plains and south of the Sodden Lands, are composed mostly of mountains between 2,000 and 5,000 feet in elevation with the largest as tall as 9,000 feet.1 The second-highest peak is Mount K'walder, a sacred site of the god Balumbdar.2

The lower mountains are covered by dense cloud forests with perpetually dense fog rather than rain.1

The Stormwell valley, located deep within the Uplands, is a moss-covered valley with a plunging, fog-laden ravine that serves as a portal to the Storm of Fangs in the Plane of Air.1

The Valley of Ghosts is a dangerous region of the Uplands also known for its especially dense fog. Careless explorers never emerge from its mists, and those who do return often report uncanny sensations and sightings of faces of the deceased in the fog.13


The Uplands are home to the traditionalist Mbe'ke dwarves, one of the region's two primary dwarven groups, who live in villages of several hundred.4 Most Mbe'kes live in either the Sky Citadel of Cloudspire, or King Thabsing Blood-Eye's port city of K'lereng near the Sodden Lands.1

The range's valleys are also home to a close-knit community of cloud dragons who emerged from the Stormwell and retire there when near death. The dragons share an ancient and mutual bond with the Mbe'kes.1

Flora and fauna

Squat, twisted, mossy trees dominate the Uplands and house amphibians, leopards, monkeys, colorful toxic newts, and wild pigs.1


Paizo published an article on the Terwa Uplands in The Mwangi Expanse pgs. 182–183.

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