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Imnuxeos is an ancient, haunted remainder of the long-collapsed Ghol-Gan empire. Located south of the Terwa Uplands and north of Bloodcove, Imnuxeos is now little more than a stretch of isolated badlands dotted with remnants of colossal masonry from 10,000 years ago.1

At the height of the Ghol-Gan civilisation, Imnuxeos was the most brutal fighting pit in the kingdom, a colossal coliseum where cyclops gladiators faced off against captured monsters, slaves, or even other cyclopes in bloodbaths of exceptional spectacle. The ghosts of these ancient gladiators still linger, and every night as darkness falls Imnuxeos's champions rise once more to face each other—and any mortal foolish enough to remain. Those who linger after sunset face undead cyclopes, horrific aberrations, and reanimated beasts of ancient bone.1


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