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Region Mwangi Expanse
Level 5[1]
Size Small town
Demographics Ekujae elves and half-elves
Ruler Ose Panin and Ose Atsu

Source: Cult of Cinders, pg(s). 13–14, 20–21

Akrivel is the home city of the Leopard Clan, a clan of several hundred Ekujae elves. It is located high in the trees in the Mwangi Jungle.[2]


Akrivel is built high up in the canopy of the Mwangi Jungle, about 10 miles from a temple of Ketephys that serves as the exit side of Huntergate.[2] It is also near to Whitebridge Station, and the elves of Akrivel participated in its destruction.[3]


Akrivel is home almost entirely to Ekujae elves, with a few half-elves as well. It is governed by Ose Panin and Ose Atsu, two female identical twin Ekujae elves. The settlement's chief linguist is a half-elf named Nketiah, whose father Jahsi is a respected warrior and keledi of the clan.[2] Akrivel is also home to numerous elves who were previously slaves of the Aspis Consortium at Whitebridge Station, most notably Akosa, who contributed greatly to their slaughter.[3]


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