Field of Maidens

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For another meaning of "Field of Maidens", please see Field of Maidens (adventure).

The Field of Maidens lies along the southern border of Geb,[1] and appears to be large plain dotted with the statues of many female human warriors. The truth behind its origin is much more sinister, however.

In 4329 AR, the pirate queen Mastrien Slash led an army of warrior women in an invasion of the undead kingdom of Geb. They were driven north by conflict in their southern land of Holomog, and sought to create a new home for themselves. The undead necromancer ruler of Geb, also called Geb, turned the entire army to stone, and today they are known as the Field of Maidens.[2][3] Individual statues are occasionally transported off the Field and sold as macabre works of art all over the world.[4]

Occasionally, the spirit of a dead warrior will somehow return and animate the stony corpse, transforming it into an undead creature known as a petrified maiden. If this occurs to a statue which has been removed from the Field of Maidens, it does whatever it can to return to the Field.[5]

A medusa of mysterious origin known as the Lonely Maiden walks among the statues of the dreaded Field.[6]


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