Windward Isle

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Windward Isle

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Windward Isle is a 2 miles long by 1 mile wide isle in the Shackles. It is the westernmost island in a small archipelago south of Motaku Isle. Its highest elevation is less than 100 feet, and it is surrounded by rough beaches made of shingles and gravels. The harbor of Windward Isle is a quarter-mile-wide channel that runs just south of the tower of Tidewater Rock and ends in a lagoon large and deep enough to safely hold at least three large vessels. The water in the channel and the lagoon never drops below 20 feet deep at low tide. Tidewater Rock sits right on the lagoon's edge and commands a good view of amost the entire island. At high tide, the water rises almost to the height of its stone base. The current owner of the Rock is Agasta Smythee, widow of the pirate Iron Bert Smythee.1


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