Moak Harbor

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Moak Harbor was once a thriving port city on Shark Island in the Shackles. It was inhabited by more than 8,000 people at its peak. The city provided plentiful lumber, quality stone as well as artifacts pillaged from Ghol-Gan ruins in the western Shackles. When sahuagin arrived, however, the city became their first target. The monstrous shark-people first came to inhabit the underwater caves lining the inlet approaching Moak Harbor and have since greatly expanded in the past 200 years, especially in the region that became known as the Sahuagin Coast. The sahuagin laid utter waste to the city, which is now little more than ruins. A few rotting docks still stand and ships in need may be able to find temporary refuge in the ramshackle and ruined buildings. Sailors who have braved the harbor since its downfall say that it is haunted by ghosts, and numerous mutated sahuagin, including the fabled malenti, that make their lair in the sewers beneath the city.1


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