Nalt's Island

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Nalt's Island

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Nalt's Island is located between Bag Island and Shark Island in the Shackles.1 The island bears the name of the notorious pirate Nalt Tarbrow who built his fortress, the Eel's Skull, at the edge of a sheer cliff on the northern expanse of the island's eastern shore.2 It is said that there are Ghol-Gan dungeons beneath the fortress, but Tarbrow destroyed the fortress in a fit of madness, nearly 100 years ago, and no entrance to any dungeon has been found in the ruins.34

The island's resident giants avoid the Lake of Dead Dreams and the Ghol-Gan ruins around it. They say the lake is haunted by ghosts and those who drink from the lake suffer thereafter from terrible nightmares. Pterosaurs roost in the hillsides near the lake, hunting on any creatures that pass too close to their nests.2

A tribe of vegepygmy natives live on the barrier island of Redbow. They use to launch attacks at any ships that dare pass through the straits between Redbow and Nalt's Island. Their strategy is to force unwary ships toward the whirling vortex beneath Whirlpool Rush on the straits' far side. The vegepygmies make their characteristic gleeful clicking noises during their assault.2


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