Kaava Lands

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The Kaava Lands are a peninsular region on the west coast of Garund and considered to be part of the Mwangi Expanse. The region is predominantly jungle, and the city of Senghor is situated on the northern coast of its western tip.[1] The Oubinga River flows through this region. The lands are extremely dangerous and hence poorly explored. There is treasure to be found here, and travel is (comparatively) easy, as the region is less humid and less marshy than in some of the Expanse's other jungles. However, most who enter the Kaava Lands never return.[2]

As well as the ferocious Kaava tribe who give the region its name (or possibly vice versa) [3] there are also demon-worshiping halflings, pygmy charau-ka, the animalistic remnants of the people of Mbaiki,[2] tribes of grippli forced from the Expanse[4] and any number of less intelligent foes.[2]


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