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The ruined city of Boali stands on the northern shore of the Bay of Senghor, roughly opposite the current day city of Senghor.

Its destruction appears to have occurred two thousand years ago, perhaps roughly the same time as Senghor was founded. The Caldaru tribes people of Senghor consider it taboo to speak of Boali, which they consider to be cursed.

Whoever destroyed Boali did a very thorough job. The walls were pulled down, buildings were destroyed, and the harbour was filled with boulders. No trace remains of the original inhabitants, but their shattered architecture has some similarity to that of Bloodsalt.

Today the city is home only to a few tribes of charau-ka and the occasional group of shipwrecked sailors. It is said that on moonlit nights the ghostly sound of running footsteps and clashing swords can be heard in the empty streets.

One theory is that the founders of Senghor destroyed Boali in order to make sure their new settlement had no local rivals. The evidence for this is purely circumstantial, but the theory does fit the few available facts.[1]


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