Kepre Dua

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Kepre Dua
Nation Shackles
Capital Alendruan Harbor
Ruler Kaala Raingold
Languages Elven
Religions Calistria

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 24
Kepre Dua

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Kepre Dua is a secluded elven enclave near the centre of the large group of islands comprising the Shackles, where the locals deem themselves 'ocean elves' as opposed to their Kyonin cousins whom they term: 'the Landlocked' or 'the Treebound'. The elven port of Alendruan Harbor was founded around 4622 AR by Kaala Raingold, an elven witch. Kaala now styles herself 'Queen Kaala of the Veil' after a mysterious, religious experience associated with Calistria and the Obelisk of Wonders; the obelisk is found on the island.1


There is one main settlement on the island:

Locations of Interest


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