Rechiend's Plains

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The Rechiend's Plains (variant spelling: Rechand's Plains) is the name given to the savannah that lies between the Mwangi Jungle and the Kaava Lands. The plains are some of the most fertile land in the Mwangi Expanse, and the environs of Bloodcove are actively farmed. Tribes of nomadic hunters roam these lands, including the infamous Kuta lion-riders, who fight from the backs of lions.1

In one otherwise featureless part of Rechiend's Plains, sits a treacherous fissure known as "Calistria's Grin" which serves as the entrance to a vast underground complex known as the Gutblood Labyrinth. This buried remnant of the ancient Ghol-Gani empire was once a part of the cyclops empire's holding in Nar-Voth known as the Sleepless Realm. None knows what manner of creature still dwells in the Gutblood Labyrinth, only that the bodies of those who enter the labyrinth normally wash up on the shores of the Fever Sea weeks later mutilated almost beyond recognition.2


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