Devil's Arches

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Devil's Arches

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 8

Devil's Arches is the easternmost of the major islands of the Shackles. It is close to the mainland, and southeast of Whyrlis Rock.

The island's main settlement is the town of Hell Harbor, which is controlled by the pirate lord Arronax Endymion.1


Devil's Arches was one of the first major islands of the Shackles discovered by Chelish explorers some 600 years ago. Numerous Ghol-Gan ruins dot the entire island, enormous crumbling edifices, eroded towers, limestone platforms, amphitheaters, and ziggurats, covered with bas-relief carvings and paintings depicting acts of repulsive depravity, suggesting a bloody civilization in decline. A singular constant structure that stands at the center of each set of ruins, is a great gray stone arch without any carving or decoration. The Chelish explorers were impressed by these grand blatant eerie arches and referred to these landmarks as the Devil's Arches, giving the island its name. Many scholars and archaeologists believe that the arches may have once been diabolical gateways to summon the denizens of Hell or another evil demiplane.2


Notable Settlements

Notable Locations

  • City of Bleeding Stones, the largest set of ruins on the entire island, nestled in a cove beside the island's vast, hilly rainforests2


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