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Source: Advanced Player's Guide, pg(s). 54-64

While many who dabble in the arcane become adept at beckoning monsters from the farthest reaches of the planes, none are more skilled at it than the summoner. This practitioner of the arcane arts forms a close bond with one particular outsider, known as an eidolon, who gains power as the summoner becomes more proficient at his summoning. Over time, the two become linked, eventually even sharing a shard of the same soul. But this power does not come without a price: the summoner's spells and powers are limited due to his time spent enhancing the power and exploring the nature of his eidolon.[1]


Summoners tend to be rarer in the Inner Sea region, and are often looked down upon by conjurers and druids. They prefer living on the fringes of society where they are left alone to pursue their singular work with their eidolons. There are, however, a few nations where the summoner's skills are appreciated and utilized. These include the magical nation of Nex, where eidolons often are used as research material for fleshwarping, Nidal, where they specialize in the summoning of creatures from the Plane of Shadow, and Qadira and Katapesh, where they find acceptance among the genie binders.[2]