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Seltyiel, iconic magus.

Iconic character
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A magus is able to blend the martial use of arms with the practice of magic, becoming a warrior of unparalleled versatility and power.1 They use these arts to channel magic into their weapon or body, inflicting devastating wounds on their enemies. The magus' combat versatility and knowledge of the arcane make them a valuable asset to any party.2

Because of the magi's adaptability, it is uncommon to find two who practice their arcane arts in the same way, giving rise to a plethora of organizations, disciplines, and tactics.1

Field of Study

A magus creates a force sword.

A magus' extensive training and carefully chosen spells together create a dangerous fighting style, called a hybrid study, unlike any other. Each magus' respective fighting style is represented by their field of study.3

Inexorable iron

Once inexorable iron magi begin upon their path there is no stopping them. They turn their heavy weapon into an unstoppable force in order to boost their own striking power or keep them standing on the battlefield.3

Laughing shadow

To use magic is to be free, it allows one to go wherever one wants, do whatever one wants, and avoid any consequences. These magi are laughing shadows of spell and sword, always one step ahead of their enemies and always with a trick up their sleeve.3

Sparkling targe

This magus has studied the possible applications of magic, learning both offensive and defensive maneuvers. When magic flows through them, their shield can block nearly anything.3

Starlit span

With magic, the sky is the limit, and these magi are never hemmed in by the confines of their physical surroundings. Their power extends as far as their senses perceive, overcoming the distance between the magus and their target even with spells that normally require direct physical touch.3

Twisting tree

The quarterstaff is the foundation of this magus hybrid study.3



The bladebound magus is bonded to an intelligent magical weapon known as a black blade, which grows in power as the magus does and grants the magus special powers.1


The hexcrafter magus has uncovered the secret of using his arcane pool to recreate witch hexes.1


The kensai magus seeks to become the master of a single type of weapon, usually a sword, sacrificing some small part of his study of spellcasting in order to more fully devote his time to honing his reflexes and the use of his weapon in combination with arcane and eldritch forces. From this study and training the kensai and his weapon become almost a single entity; indeed, this is the ultimate goal of the kensai, for their weapon to become not merely a tool, but another element of his body, as much an extension of his will as his arm...or his magic. The kensai learns to draw upon a magus' personal pool of arcane power to augment his weapon prowess, maximizing the force of his blows. He gradually gains such incredible precision, speed, and accuracy with his chosen weapon that he is able to draw it and strike with a single motion before his opponent can even so much as blink, and to take every advantage of even their slightest distraction. Ultimately, the kensai gains such mastery of his weapon that he is fully able to defend himself with it alone, armor actually being a hindrance rather than benefit.4


The myrmidarch is an expert in martial combat who uses magic to enhance and strengthen his physical abilities. He is much more proficient in armor and weapons, although his magical mastery is below that of an average magus.4


The skirnir, also known as a shield-vassal or shieldmaiden, has learned to channel his strength into his shield.4


The soul forger has mastered the technique of infusing the raw magical essence of his soul into weaponry of unrivaled power, merging the mystic arts with the arts of battle in a steely union.4


The spellblade magus is able to manifest a ghostly sword of magical force that can be used as an off-hand weapon.1

Staff Magus

The staff magus uses quarterstaves as effectively as any bladed weapon, becoming powerful enough to use arcane staves as melee weapons and even learns how to use their arcane pool to recharge their magical staves.1

On Golarion

Magi are more common where magic is an everyday part of life, such as in the forests of Kyonin, or the deserts of Nex or Geb. They can also be found among the Hellknight signifers of Cheliax, and the technology-loving members of Numeria's Technic League.5

Notable magi

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