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Region On Golarion: The Crown of the World, Hermea, Jalmeray, Numeria, Vudra
Elsewhere: Akiton, Bretheda, Castrovel, Liavara
Races Any
Iconic character Rivani (1E), Thaleon(2E)
Images of psychics

Source: Occult Adventures, pg(s). 60ff. (1E)
Dark Archive (sourcebook), pg(s). 9ff. (2E)
For another meaning of "Psychic", please see Psychic magic.
Rivani, iconic human psychic.

Psychics draw on their tremendous wells of inner mental power to manipulate the world around them, applying occult magic[1] as a broad, flexible range of cantrips.[2][3] Their inherent and unfettered powers often cause others to confuse them for sorcerers.[4]

Many psychics are self-taught, but some are tutored by a mentor or classically trained at a facility for psychic development.[5]

Psychic's Mind

Subconscious Mind

A psychic’s power is born deep in their minds. Their subconscious mind might reflect the way their power comes to them naturally, or it could be a framework they use to safely tap into their mind's endless potential. Either way, their subconsciousness decides how the way they access and control their magic.[5]

Psychics may gain their abilities from throwing themselves headfirst into their raw emotions; specific axioms and lessons taught by tutors and other more experienced psychics; near-perfect alignment and control of their thoughts; or vivid imagination that fuels magic through instincts and associations.[5]

Conscious Mind

No matter where in the subconscious mind the power comes from, all psychics find that there's a single specific external manifestation of their psychic magic that comes most easily to them.[5]

Psychics' powers may manifest as an ability to control physical objects with telekinesis; manipulate energy and temperature to cause explosions and freeze objects; influence thoughts and minds of those around them to heal and manipulate; bring their imagination to life in the form of creations of force and light; or bend and traverse space with teleportation and phasing.[5]

On Golarion

Most psychics come from or study in Vudra, particularly at formalized academies and guilds led by prominent rishis similar to the arcane academies common in the Inner Sea region. As such, monasteries in the Vudrani colony of Jalmeray host the largest group of psychics in the Inner Sea region.[4]

However, psychic talents also arise independently in other cultures and regions. Erutaki psychics are linked via dreams to the Nameless Spires, and members of Numeria's Technic League exposed to radiation or alien chemistry and interbreeding also exhibit psychic powers. Certain techniques are also taught on Hermea.[4]

On distant worlds

Out of the planets in Golarion's solar system, psychics are most dominant on Castrovel, where cults of lashunta form a massive gestalt overmind in pursuit of oneness.[4]

On Akiton, the Contemplatives of Ashok, ratfolk, and shobhad all count psychics among their numbers. Brethedans share a psychic gift, and its colony on Liavara is a single psychic hive mind.[4]

Notable Psychics

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There are no known restrictions on the race of a psychic.


There are no religious restrictions on psychics.


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