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Rivani, iconic human psychic.
Region On Golarion: The Crown of the World, Hermea, Jalmeray, Numeria, Vudra
Elsewhere: Akiton, Bretheda, Castrovel, Liavara
Iconic character Rivani
Images of psychics

Source: Occult Adventures, pg(s). 60
For another meaning of "Psychic", please see Psychic magic.

Psychics draw on their tremendous wells of inner mental power to manipulate the world around them, applying psychic magic as a broad, flexible range of spells.[1] Their inherent and unfettered powers often cause others to confuse them for sorcerers.[2]

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A ratfolk psychic.

Most psychics come from or study in Vudra, particularly at formalized academies and guilds led by prominent rishis similar to the arcane academies common in the Inner Sea region. As such, monasteries in the Vudrani colony of Jalmeray host the largest group of psychics in the Inner Sea region.[2]

However, psychic talents also arise independently in other cultures and regions. Erutaki psychics are linked via dreams to the Nameless Spires, and members of Numeria's Technic League exposed to radiation or alien chemistry and interbreeding also exhibit psychic powers. Certain techniques are also taught on Hermea.[2]

On distant worlds

Out of the planets in Golarion's solar system, psychics are most dominant on Castrovel, where cults of lashunta form a massive gestalt overmind in pursuit of oneness.[2]

On Akiton, the Contemplatives of Ashok, ratfolk, and shobhad all count psychics among their numbers. Brethedans share a psychic gift, and its colony on Liavara is a single psychic hive mind.[2]


There are no known restrictions on the race of a psychic.


There are no religious restrictions on psychics.