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Jirelle, iconic half-elven swashbuckler
Region Common in Andoran, Galt, Taldor, the Shackles, the Sodden Lands, Mediogalti Island, and the River Kingdoms
Races Any
Iconic character Jirelle
Images of swashbucklers

Source: Advanced Class Guide, pg(s). 56ff.

Swashbucklers are lightly-armored combatants with a flair for intricate combat styles and agile attacks. Deeply committed to a technical mastery of combat, swashbucklers combine discipline and daring to commit feats of advanced martial prowess.[1]

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A swashbuckler.

Following their flair for dramatics, most swashbucklers tend to be either noble fighters or lawless pirates and bandits. They are often found in:


There are no known restrictions on the race of a swashbuckler.


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Notable swashbucklers