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Iconic characters Lini, Harsk, and Merisiel battle goblins. See also Category:Images of iconics.

Iconics are characters developed by Paizo to personify classes in the Pathfinder campaign setting. Images and depictions of iconics appear on the covers of Pathfinder product lines, in adventure artwork as stand-ins for player characters, and sometimes in illustrations to demonstrate game mechanics. They also appear in fiction and licensed works set in Golarion.


Iconic characters were first described in blog posts titled "Meet the Iconics" in May 2007, based on Paizo's experience with iconic characters in Dungeon and Dragon magazines and beginning with Valeros:1

One of the many lessons we've learned in our tour with Dragon and Dungeon is that people like iconic characters. A lot. It seems like every day a new thread pops up on our messageboards wanting to know more about the ill-fated Abelard the paladin, the tiefling fighter, or James Jacobs's notorious Tyralandi Scrimm. As such, when we sat down to develop the iconics for Pathfinder, we knew going into it that what we came up with needed to be more than just easy art reference. These iconics needed to live up their name and represent our world, our ethos, and our whole idea of what gaming is about. Fortunately, with Wayne Reynolds onboard to design the visual elements, we knew that what we received would blow our socks off—which it has.

Along with representing our game world, however, these iconics pull double-duty as pregenerated characters in Pathfinder and the GameMastery Modules. Each adventure will be accompanied by four of our iconics, statted up to the appropriate level and ready for you to sit down and start playing with a minimum of effort.

  — James L. Sutter

These posts soon developed into the Meet the Iconics short fiction series that provided backstories for each iconic character; while Valeros was the first announced character, the first to include a backstory was Seoni. Paizo writers published new Meet the Iconics stories to the Paizo Blog as classes were added to the system or revised over time, then developed them further in the recurring Iconic Encounters line of short stories that often feature multiple iconics together.


Seoni, Kyra, and Merisiel face a white dragon in the background of the cover of Sins of the Saviors, with Ezren featured in the foreground. This was the first Pathfinder Adventure Path issue to feature the first five iconics together.

The first five iconics — Valeros the fighter, Seoni the sorcerer, Merisiel the rogue, Kyra the cleric, and Ezren the wizard — appeared on the covers of the first five issues of the first Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords, and first appeared together on the cover of the fifth issue, Sins of the Saviors. Each subsequent Adventure Path features a new combination of iconics who appear as player character stand-ins in that series' artwork.

These first iconics have been mechanically defined as pregenerated characters in early Adventure Path issues and GameMastery Modules, Pathfinder Society organized play, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Pathfinder Adventures. The First Edition and Second Edition Beginner Box products provided Valeros, Kyra, Merisiel, and Ezren as pregenerated iconics. Other iconic characters have also been mechnically defined over time.

The iconic barbarian Amiri and paladin Seelah respectively also appeared as companion characters in the Kingmaker and Wrath of the Righteous computer roleplaying games. Other iconics also appear in these games in small roles.

Iconics have appeared in several Pathfinder Comics series, and the Pathfinder Legends line of audio dramas depicted them as experiencing the events of Adventure Paths. Pathfinder accessories also feature the iconics, such as the Iconic Heroes miniatures line and Iconic Equipment Item Cards series.

List of iconic characters

Iconics listed with red backgrounds were iconic villains introduced during the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path, in which players portrayed evil characters.

Name Class Ancestry Ed. Art Meet the Iconics post
Adowyn Hunter Human (Taldan) 1E Adowyn.jpg 20140807Jason Bulmahn. (August 7, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Adowyn, Paizo Blog.
Alahazra Oracle Human (Garundi) 1E Alahazra.jpg 20100623James L. Sutter. (June 23, 2010). Meet the Iconics: Alahazra, Paizo Blog.
Alain Cavalier Human (Taldan) 1E Alain.jpg 20100723James L. Sutter. (July 23, 2010). Meet the Iconics: Alain, Paizo Blog.
Amiri Barbarian Human (Kellid) 1E, 2E Amiri 2nd edition.jpg 20080331James Jacobs. (March 31, 2008). Meet the Iconics: Amiri, Paizo Blog.
Balazar Summoner Gnome 1E Balazar.png 20131225Erik Mona. (December 25, 2013). Meet the Iconics: Balazar, Paizo Blog.
Crowe Bloodrager Human (Shoanti) 1E Crowe.jpg 20140626Adam Daigle. (June 26, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Crowe, Paizo Blog.
Damiel Alchemist Elf 1E Damiel.jpg 20100803James L. Sutter. (August 3, 2010). Meet the Iconics: Damiel, Paizo Blog.
Droven Inventor Dromaar 2E Droven.png 20211013Michael Sayre. (October 13, 2021). Meet the Iconics: Droven, Paizo Blog.
Emil Assassin /
Cambion2 1E Emil Kovkorin.jpg 20160126Joe Homes. (January 26, 2016). Meet the Villians—Emil Kovkorin, Paizo Blog.
Enora Arcanist Halfling 1E Enora.jpg 20140703Mark Moreland. (July 3, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Enora, Paizo Blog.
Erasmus Medium Human 1E Erasmus.jpg 20150708Brandon Hodge. (July 8, 2015). Meet the Iconics: Erasmus, Paizo Blog.
Estra Spiritualist Human 1E Estra.jpg 20150624Brandon Hodge and the Paizo staff. (June 24, 2015). Meet the Iconics: Estra, Paizo Blog.
Ezren Wizard Human (Taldan) 1E, 2E Ezren 2nd edition.png 20071026James Jacobs. (October 26, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Ezren, Paizo Blog.
Feiya Witch Human (Tian-Min) 1E, 2E Feiya 2E.jpg 20111027Andrew Vallas. (October 27, 2011). Meet the Iconics: Feiya, Paizo Blog.
Fumbus Alchemist Goblin 2E Fumbus.jpg 20190301Michael Sayre. (March 1, 2019). Meet the Iconics: Fumbus, Paizo Blog.
Hakon Skald Human (Ulfen) 1E Hakon.jpg 20140710Erik Mona. (July 10, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Hakon, Paizo Blog.
Harsk Ranger Dwarf 1E, 2E Harsk 2nd edition.png 20071120James L. Sutter. (November 20, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Harsk, Paizo Blog.
Hayato Samurai Human (Tian-Min) 1E Hayato.jpg 20110330James L. Sutter. (March 30, 2011). Meet the Iconics: Hayato, Paizo Blog.
Ija Summoner Human (Bonuwat) 2E Ija.jpg 20210525Lu Pellazar. (May 25, 2021). Meet the Iconics: Ija, Paizo Blog.
Imrijka Inquisitor Dromaar 1E Imrijka.png 20121011F. Wesley Schneider. (October 11, 2012). Meet the Iconics: Imrijka, Paizo Blog.
Jirelle Swashbuckler Aiuvarin 1E, 2E Jirelle.jpg 20140529James Jacobs. (May 29, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Jirelle, Paizo Blog.
Kess Brawler Human (Taldan) 1E Kess.jpg 20140717Adam Daigle. (July 17, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Kess, Paizo Blog.
Korakai Oracle Tengu 2E Korakai.jpg 20200623James Case. (June 23, 2020). Meet the Iconics: Korakai, Paizo Blog.
Kyra Cleric Human (Keleshite) 1E, 2E Kyra 2nd edition.png 20070730James Jacobs. (July 30, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Kyra, Paizo Blog.
Lazzero Cleric Human 1E Lazzero Dalvera.jpg 20151125Mark Moreland. (November 25, 2015). Meet the Villians—Lazzero Dalvera, Paizo Blog.
Lem Bard Halfling 1E, 2E Lem 2nd edition.webp 20080122James Jacobs. (January 22, 2008). Meet the Iconics: Lem, Paizo Blog.
Lini Druid Gnome 1E, 2E Lini 2nd edition.jpg 20080414Mike McArtor. (April 14, 2008). Meet the Iconics: Lini, Paizo Blog.
Linxia Fighter /
Human (Garundi) 1E Linxia 2nd edition.jpg 20151230Rob McCreary. (December 30, 2015). Meet the Villains—Linxia Benzekri, Paizo Blog.
Lirianne Gunslinger Aiuvarin 1E Lirianne.jpg 20151230Crystal Frasier. (July 28, 2011). Meet the Iconics: Lirianne, Paizo Blog.
Mavaro Occultist Human 1E Mavaro.jpg 20150617Brandon Hodge. (June 17, 2015). Meet the Iconics: Mavaro, Paizo Blog.
Meligaster Mesmerist Halfling 1E Meligaster.jpg 20150715Erik Mona. (July 15, 2015). Meet the Iconics: Meligaster, Paizo Blog.
Merisiel Rogue Aiuvarin 1E, 2E Merisiel 2nd edition.webp 20070723James Jacobs. (July 23, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Merisiel, Paizo Blog.
Mios Thaumaturge Human 2E Mios.png 20220608Avi Kool. (June 8, 2022). Meet the Iconics: Mios, Paizo Blog.
Nhalmika Gunslinger Dwarf 2E Nhalmika.jpeg 20210929Ron Lundeen. (September 29, 2021). Meet the Iconics: Nhalmika, Paizo Blog.
Nyctessa Wizard Dhampir 1E Nyctessa.jpg 20160506Rob McCreary. (May 6, 2016). Meet the Villains—Nyctessa, Paizo Blog.
Oloch Warpriest Dromaar 1E Oloch.jpg 20140612James L. Sutter. (June 12, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Oloch, Paizo Blog.
Quinn Investigator Human (Garundi) 1E, 2E Quinn 2E.jpg 20140605James L. Sutter. (June 5, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Quinn, Paizo Blog.
Red Raven
Vigilante Human 1E Red Raven (iconic).jpgAric.jpg 20160303John Compton. (March 3, 2016). Meet the Iconics—Aric, Paizo Blog.
Reiko Ninja Human (Tian-Min) 1E Reiko.jpg 20110805Liz Courts. (August 5, 2011). Meet the Iconics: Reiko, Paizo Blog.
Rivani Psychic Human (Vudrani) 1E Rivani.webp 20150701Erik Mona. (July 1, 2015). Meet the Iconics: Rivani, Paizo Blog.
Sajan Monk Human (Vudrani) 1E, 2E Sajan 2nd edition.webp 20080303Mike McArtor. (March 3, 2008). Meet the Iconics: Sajan, Paizo Blog.
Seelah Paladin (1E)
Champion (2E)
Human (Garundi) 1E, 2E Seelah 2nd edition.jpg 20071217James Jacobs. (December 17, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Seelah, Paizo Blog.3
Seltyiel Eldritch knight (3.5)
Magus (1E, 2E)
Aiuvarin 1E, 2E Seltyiel.jpg 20080526F. Wesley Schneider. (May 26, 2008). Meet the Iconics:Seltyiel, Paizo Blog.4
Seoni Sorcerer Human (Varisian) 1E, 2E Seoni 2nd edition.jpg 20070510James L. Sutter. (May 10, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Seoni, Paizo Blog.
Shardra Shaman Dwarf 1E Shardra Geltl.jpg 20140731Crystal Frasier. (July 31, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Shardra Geltl, Paizo Blog.
Thaleon Psychic Elf (Vourinoi) 2E Thaleon.png 20220624Linda Zayas-Palmer. (June 24, 2022). Meet the Iconics: Thaleon, Paizo Blog.
Urgraz Antipaladin Hryngar5 1E Urgraz.jpg 20160407Owen K.C. Stephens. (April 7, 2016). Meet the Villains—Urgraz, Paizo Blog.
Valeros Fighter Human (Taldan)6 1E, 2E Valeros 2nd edition.jpg 20100630James L. Sutter. (June 30, 2010). Meet the Iconics: Valeros, Paizo Blog.7
Yoon Kineticist Human (Tian-Hwan) 1E, 2E Yoon.jpgYoon Lost Omens.png 20150722Mark Seifter. (July 22, 2015). Meet the Iconics: Yoon, Paizo Blog.
James Case. (June 14, 2023). Meet the Iconics: Yoon, Paizo Blog.8
Zadim Slayer Human (Keleshite) 1E Zadim.jpg 20140724Erik Mona. (July 24, 2014). Meet the Iconics: Zadim, Paizo Blog.
Zelhara Inquisitor Human 1E Zelhara.jpg 20140724Adam Daigle. (March 2, 2016). Meet the Villains: Zelhara, Paizo Blog.
Zova Shifter Human (Shoanti) 1E Zova.jpg 20171026James Jacobs. (October 26, 2017). Meet the Iconics: Zova, Paizo Blog.


  1. James Sutter. (May 7, 2007). Meet the Iconics: Valeros, Paizo Blog.
  2. Paizo referred to cambion planar scions as tieflings until the publication of Player Core. These cambions are unrelated to the type of demon with the same name.
  3. Seelah was originally the iconic paladin in the Pathfinder First Edition Core Rulebook. The paladin class was replaced by the champion class in Pathfinder Second Edition, and Seelah became the iconic champion.
  4. Seltyiel was originally a pregenerated iconic character in the Second Darkness Pathfinder Adventure Path. In Descent into Midnight pg. 91, he was a fighter 1 / evoker 5 / eldritch knight 8. He became the iconic magus in Ultimate Magic and continued in Secrets of Magic.
  5. Paizo referred to hryngars as duergar until the publication of Highhelm and the Sky King's Tomb Pathfinder Adventure Path.
  6. Paizo described Chelaxians as a separate human ethnicity until Pathfinder Second Edition, when they were retroactively redesignated as being of Taldan descent. See Meta:Chelaxian (human ethnicity).
  7. Despite being the first Pathfinder iconic character to be announced in 2007, Valeros's backstory was not posted until 2010.
  8. Yoon is the only iconic to be introduced twice, first as a child in 2015 alongside the publication of Occult Adventures and then again as an adult alongside Rage of Elements in 2023.