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Mavaro, iconic human occultist.
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Iconic character Mavaro
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Source: Occult Adventures, pg(s). 46
This article covers the psychic magic class. For philosophers of hidden realities, see occultism.

Occultists use mental powers and focus-like implements to peer into the resonant energies in their surroundings. They are also skilled with the creation of magic circles, including binding circles.[1]

Extremely powerful occultists who take on the mythic path of the archmage are designated thaumaturges.[2]


While occultists can be found across Golarion, they gravitate toward sites of magical relics and ruins. This includes Osirion, Thassilonian ruins in Varisia, the Pit of Gormuz, and sites of ancient Ghol-Gan and Koloran.[3]


Some occultists, known as reliquarians, venerate the relics of a specific deity and gain divine powers instead of psychic magic.[3]


There are no known restrictions on the race of an occultist.


There are no known religious restrictions on occultists. However, reliquarians must worship a deity and cannot deviate from its alignment by more than one step.[3]


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