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Meligaster, iconic halfling mesmerist
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Iconic character Meligaster
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Source: Occult Adventures, pg(s). 38

Mesmerists use astral powers to dominate weaker minds, manipulating others through enchantment, illusion, telepathic implantation, and hypnotic compulsion.[1] They are often mistaken for bards and enchanters.[2]


A Chelish mesmerist.

In the Inner Sea region, mesmerists are the most common of the occult practitioners. They serve the Umbral Court in Nidal as enforcers and spies, a practice embraced in its ally Cheliax in the form of the "Nidalese smile" and a suite of devilbane gazes. Mesmerists in Razmiran also reinforce the cult of the false god Razmir.[2]

In Tian Xia, mesmerism readily spread from tengus' naturally silent communication methods in Kwanlai.[2]


There are no known restrictions on the race of a mesmerist.


There are no known religious restrictions on mesmerists.