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Nhalmika, iconic dwarf gunslinger.

Iconic character
Source: Ultimate Combat, pg(s). 9–12 (1E)
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Lirianne, iconic half-elven gunslinger.

A gunslinger is an master of firearms and crossbows, unrivaled in using these weapons. From reloading to customization, gunslingers push their arms to their limits and even beyond (although that usually results in a misfire).1 Some gunslingers position at close range, barrels blasting, taking down their enemies with thunderous blasts, and others keep their distance, picking off foes without putting themselves in danger.2

Gunslingers are daring and mysterious people. While many of them guard the secrets of black powder with the same fierceness a wizard may guard his spellbook, most gunslingers realize that firearms will not be a secret forever.2

Gunslinger's way

All gunslingers follow a combination of philosophy and fighting style, called a gunslinger's way, that defines how they act and with which weapons they are the most proficient. There are many gunslinger's ways, such as:3

  • Way of the Drifter: These gunslingers dart in and out of the fray, wandering the battlefield.3
  • Way of the Pistolero: These pistol users with quick hands and feet keep their distance just enough to always be out of reach, yet just close enough to make the most of their talents.3
  • Way of the Sniper: Snipers stay behind cover and strike from afar, relying on their unmatched accuracy and perfect placement of the first shot.3
  • Way of the Vanguard: These gunslingers practice a close-range combat style originating from dwarven siege engineers, relying on heavy weapons and wide attack areas to help them push deep into enemy lines.3
  • Way of the Spellshot: Spellshots have learned to blend magic and technology together to create a deadly mix. Although incapable of actual spellcasting, they are capable of infusing bullets with energy and conjuring ammunition out of thin air, and many other magical feats.4

On Golarion

Gunslingers are uncommon on Golarion as black powder and firearms are still only crafted in a few technological strongholds scattered across the globe. Still, despite the name, a gunslinger may not always use guns. Gunslingers can be skilled crossbowmen, who are much more common: Taldor's catapult operators, Kyonin's elven archers, and Shackles' pirates are all often crossbow-wielding gunslingers.5

In Tian Xia, the birthplace of black powder, gunslingers use more versatile weapons, such as the modular hand cannon and the fire lance. Arcadia may have more gunslingers than all other continents combined, although their gunslingers are more magical than technological, continuing millennia-old traditions of wielding beast guns, air guns, and star guns. In Garund, the forges of Dongun Hold and Alkenstar are home to inventors and scientists, where gunslingers have access to newly developed firearms, special attachments and customizations; Motaku Isle pirates, where shoddy, but deadly, replicas from Alkenstar weapons are produced, may also be gunslingers.5 In Avistan, Ustalav has developed its own copies of firearms, and gunslingers are a new addition to the region.6

Three Craters is a city-state on the continent of Arcadia. Its factories produce many of the most sophisticated technological marvels on the continent, including air guns and inferior imitations of the star guns.7

The Sparkforge Collective is an organization in Dongun Hold which consists of numerous sharpshooters, gunslingers, and demolitionists.8

There are rumors that a small group of gunsmiths and gunslingers have gathered in Quain, Tian Xia, seeking to become the first firearms guild on the continent.9

Notable gunslingers

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