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Monks adopt many different fighting styles.
Urgathoa's Hunger is a divine fighting technique.

Many fighting styles are taught and performed on Golarion. The following lists some of these, grouped by their geographic association.


Fighting styles of Avistan include:

Adder's strike
a Taldan sword strike used, for instance, in fencing1
Aldori defender
a defensively focused fighting style that uses the Aldori dueling sword2
Aldori school of sword fighting
perfect for duels or flashy combat, but can also be used for practical fighting34
Andoren defense
originates in Andoran, it involves a two-handed grasp of one's sword5
Elliendo defense
a defensive style for sword fighting6
an exotic but deadly fighting form inspired by the varying attacks of the barbed devil7
an exotic fighting technique designed by the vanished-archon Melek Taus8
Order of the Stalwart Fist
a combination of Tian and Qadiran combat techniques taught at the Taldan Monastery of the Seven Forms9
a Taldan style using a falcata and buckler10
Thunder and Fang
a Shoanti combat style using an earth breaker and klar11
The Vessel Between
practiced by the Daggermark Assassins' Guild, relying on stealth, agility, and secrecy12
Whirling dervish
a Sarenrae-inspired style employs agile footwork to confound and evade enemies13


A Pahmet monk wields his people's signature hammers.

The diverse and ancient cultures of Garund developed many unique fighting styles of their own:

the sand dwarves of Osirion modeled their signature hammer-based fighting style around the resilient, immovable traits of sphinxes, creatures they particularly respect14
monks of the Ouat adapted their unarmed style from the Pahmet's hammer mastery14
Stick fighting
Song'o halflings wield fighting sticks the length of longswords to stinging effect, in both combat and competition15

Tian Xia

Sajan assumes a crane style stance.

Fighting styles of Tian Xia may often refer to a beast in their title. Some of the styles include:

Condor Fist Style
associated with the Condor Fist Society in Lingshen1617
Crane Steps Forth1819
Flowing Strikes20
Forest Storm21
Gathered the Sun22
Horse Stance1923
Lazy Serpent19
Monkey Plucks the Peaches1924
Quivering Palm
a unarmed strike to the chest that incapacitates the victim25
Scorpion Pincer26
Tiger Prowl, Crane Dive27
Tip the Leaf26
Twin White Palms
the only unarmed blow capable of slaying an immortal28
Ular Tangan
a serpentine fighting style29


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