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Ytharia Vulane, human gunslinger and ranger as well as the Ironmaster of Alkenstar, wields two revolvers.
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A pistol is a small, simple, single-shot firearm. Its small size makes it easy to conceal and wield with a single hand.1


The simple and compact natures of a pistol make it easy to integrate it into other objects, such as the buckler gun, dagger pistol, and sword cane pistol.23

The coat pistol is an even smaller and weaker variant designed for concealment,2 and the double-barreled pistol allows it to be fired twice (or to fire two bullets at once).4

The dragon pistol fires pellets like a blunderbuss rather than a bullet.4

The rifle is the larger cousin of this gun.1 The pepperbox has a six rotating barrels for more rapid firing,4 while the revolver is a more advanced cartridge-firing pistol with a similar size and automatically rotating chamber that can fire several successive shots.3

On Golarion

The basic pistol is one of the cheapest and most common firearms on Golarion, with a price of 1,000 to 1,400 gp.1 They are the most common firearm in the Inner Sea region, though still rare enough to be a curiosity.5

Pistols are relatively common in Alkenstar6 and are wielded by its shieldmarshals.7

The Hurricane King of the Shackles, Kerdak Bonefist, wields a magic pistol that he claims has slain at least 100 foes.8


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