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Nation Irrisen
Region The Verge
Size Small town
Population 540
Government Overlord
Ruler Baroness Pribuska

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 37

Zelen is a peasant settlement on the Rimeflow River in the westernmost Irriseni province known as the Verge. It handles merchant barges heading eastward to Algidheart or Whitethrone, or westward to Iceflow. Most river captains choose Zelen to sleep in a warm bed for at least one night. Baroness Pribuska is the ruler of Zelen. She was a paramour of Duke Arvanoff, and nourishes great hatred for Baroness Slavena of Skrata who has replaced her in the duke's affections in 4710 AR. The waters of the Rimeflow near Zelen are rich with fish and the town sends a large portion of its catch as far as south as Redtooth. The Vasterborg Run is a caravan of dogsleds led by Raisa Gevenovna and Zavid Menavich that makes the challenging monthly trip to Redtooth.[1]


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