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Nation Irrisen
Region Thronehold
Size Small town
Population 685
Government Autocracy
Ruler Baroness Ladina

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 28

The small trading town of Hagby is located on Glacier Lake in the Irriseni capital province of Thronehold.[1]

Hagby is the last stop for all trade headed to Whitethrone from the west. It is ruled with paranoid scrutiny by the cruel Baroness Ladina. The peasants do not trust anyone knowing that even a hint of the slightest misdemeanor results in harsh punishments. A lot of peasants work their daily duties with missing fingers, eye patches and worse. Yefrem Chelnitsky is the despicable agent of the baroness. He follows her everywhere, with parchment and quill in hand to record every demand and directive his mistress utters.[1]

Despite the overbearing atmosphere, the Heralds of Summer's Return have a lot of members in Hagby including warehouse worker Nakia Serebrynakova and blacksmith Yuri Patasil.[1]


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