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Nation Irrisen
Region The Verge
Size Small town
Population 1,125
Government Overlord
Ruler Baroness Slavena

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 35

Skrata is a small town on the Rimeflow River, in the westernmost Irriseni province called the Verge that acts as a waystation of goods shipped to the capital of Whitethrone from the north, through the Iceflow River, and as a supply depot for the army. Skrata's docks are always busy, and its warehouses are full with goods destined for the army or the Rimeflow route.[1]

Baroness Slavena is the ruler of the town. She is not interested in running the town, leaving the task to her subordinates and her Jadwiga husband Ivan Betyrina. Slavena is the current paramour of Duke Arvanoff. She cuckolds her husband believing herself to be discreet but everybody in town knows her immoral relationship with the duke.[1]

There are three prominent members of the Heralds of Summer's Return in Skrata: dockworker Cherni Oslonovich, blacksmith Left-Arm Karastov, and apothecary Sanzina Rodoc. Their main concern is how they could interrupt the transport of goods south to Vasterborg and the Irrisen's armies.[1]

Notable inhabitants


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