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Nation Irrisen
Region Bleakmarch
Size Small town
Population 735
Ruler Baroness Marcia

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 12

Trezira is a small town on the Frozen Road River in the eastern part of Irrisen's Bleakmarch province. It single distinguishing feature is that it was granted a monopoly on "ice cleaving" (the process of keeping a river navigable year-round) the Frozen Road in 4623 AR by Queen Elvanna. Nearly a hundred years later, fur-wrapped citizens of Trezira still patrol the river in their "breaker barges", using any means at their disposal to maintain a navigable channel through the ice.[1]

The ruler of the town is Baroness Marcia who is not very oppressive of the peasants provided they do whatever is necessary to fulfill their obligations and especially do nothing to endanger the "ice cleaving" monopoly. Most successful of the seven "ice cleaving" companies is the White Stewards led by Trepek Gorny. Trezira is also the main trading partner of the frost giant hold of Holvirgang. The frost giant guests in town usually prefer the Horned Helm Inn run by the Ulfen Ludmil Arronsson, a giant of a man himself.[1]


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