Frozen Fog

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The Frozen Fog is an expanse of frigid cold on the southern shores of Glacier Lake between the Rimeflow River and the Marbleflow River that was created after the Winter War when Irrisen's supernatural winter began. The fog is extremely cold, and instantly freezes anything it touches, while razor-sharp droplets flay the flesh. Even creatures immune to cold shun this place, and no one who has entered the area has ever returned. Sometimes the Frozen Fog extends great tendrils of freezing mist beyond its boundaries and, when they retreat, all they have touched is lifeless. The merchant ships in Glacier Lake always avoid sailing the waters close to Frozen Fog. It is said that close to the shore one can see ships encased in ice with their frozen crews captured in shipboard tasks for eternity. Rumors say that some of those sailors survive in unlife, hungering for the living.1