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Nation Irrisen
Region Wintercrux
Size Small town
Population 735
Government Overlord
Ruler Baroness Zoja

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 41

Saraby is a small town on the Thundering River in the Irriseni province of Wintercrux. It is a bustling peasant town which accepts a number of Varisian merchants that have the courage to travel the few treacherous passes across the Kodar Mountains into Irrisen. The brave merchants mainly deliver grain and foodstuff and are richly rewarded. Saraby is ruled by Baroness Zoja who carefully accounts the volumes of trading goods moving through her town. Much of the precious cargo moves on to Dalun to the west and eventually is delivered to the militant settlements and camps of the Verge. The rest, however, is sent east along a route known as the Saraby Trail.[1]

The Saraby Trail to the east follows no visible roads. It follows the Thundering River until reaching the Kodar Mountains and then heads north towards Hope Lost. From Hope Lost some experienced groups head directly east to Sosulka fighting the beasts of the tundra and the fearful white-furred perytons that prowl the skies but most of the groups take one of the well traveled roads that meander through the Skala Foothills to Zlatomesto. There they join a heavily guarded caravan of ore and travel to Veshtak. Bendiks Poljarny and Velna Elishky are veterans of the Saraby Trail.[1]


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